escutcheons for ventilation

Escutcheon, round

A range of escutcheons for duct lead through in base plates and walls. The ring-shaped
escutcheon is slipped on pipe at mounting, alternative afterwards by snapping it at
its snapping point, bending edges apart and pushing the escutcheon over the duct.

The material is a semi-stiff obscured, overpaintable white polystyren. The escutcheon can be
glued, nailed, screwed or attached by casting. In narrow mountings can the escutcheon be cut
into fitting shape.
Dimensions, innerdiameter: 80,100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630

Escutcheon, square

Escutcheon for rectangular and square air duct up to 1000mm sides. The escutcheon constitutes
of two angles placed towards each other as illustrated above. The legs of the angles are
broken off at snapping points, consistent to the measure of the duct. If the measures of
the duct do not correspond to snapping points, new ones are made with a knife´s edge as
Dimensions:  600*550*50mm

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