Electrical bushing unit, used in moulded slabforms

Two dimensions: Electric pipes 16 and 20
Electrical pipes16: For 4 pipes 16 and 1 pipe 25
Electrical pipes20: For 4 pipes 20 and 1 pipe 25
The electrical bushing unit has 5 opening casings through the base plate in one unit.
Using one or several casing/s, an electrical pipe is pushed through the knock-out stopper
to open the actual casing. When the base plate is cast non-used casings are filled with


Since an opened casing has only a 0,3mm space against the electrical pipe and the rest
of the casings are closed, the concrete will not be able to flow at the concrete casting.
Holing, drilling and repairing will not be necessary!

Electrical bushing units can be placed in series or beside eachother as needed.
Use the same surface finish of the visible part of the electrical bushing unit as the ceiling.
The electrical bushing unit is designed not to be treaded out of the base plate. A specially
adjusted lid is designed as a reusable cover at the concrete casting.


VP16: Blue, L=150mm, W=35mm, H=50mm Cover: Yellow