Clearance moulds, square

Clearance mould especially suitable for pipes going up walls and through ceilings, for example heating pipes(also cables for electricity, telephone and computer installations). The mould reduces work stages for lead-through connections form 8 to 3 as it also serves as a fill-in mould. No need for adjusting the ceiling.

 When being concreted into the joist systems, the mould has a cover that stops concrete from getting into it. This cover also serves as a safety cap, this prevents workers from stumbling in the hole until pipes have been drawn through. Can be used with joists between 150-200mm thick.

Choose which holes, already prepared for pipes, in the bottom of the mould that are suitable. Open them and thread them over the pipes. The insulation is pushed down to the bottom of the mould and packed tightly round the pipes. The mould is then filled and the escutcheons threaded over the pipes and down to the finished floor.

After installation, the mould serves to prevent water from leaking from the pipes spreading down into the floor structure(joists).

As the mould is conical, pipes can be changed without having to make a new hole. The mould is simply pushed up, out of the joists leaving a ready-prepared hole for new pipes. It is of course, possible to cast other square moulds at the same time for future piping.