• Save working hours
  • Height adjustabel in 15mm steps
  • Gives a safe anchor point
  • Gully grating will be horizontal automatically
  • Pays for itself by preventing costs for defective work

The floor gully fixture is a superior aid when casting floor gullies. A specially constructedfixture of quality plastic is easily nailed to the joists at the correct angle, which preventsthe fixture from rising when the concrete is poured.

Holes in the side of the fixture make it possible for the concrete to seep into the fixture and fix it firmly.The bottom edge of the fixture has pieces cut out to enable concrete reinforcement armouring to pass through. The floor gully is fastened to the fixture by an adjustable band. The floor gully is automatically horizontal when using the floor gully fixture. This prevents costly repairs. Without adjusting floor gullies, you save big money!The fixture fits most floor gullies and scuppers of 150mm, whatever the material.The floor gully fixture is adjustable in heights of: 150, 165 and 180mm. If adding the thickness of the floor flange to the height of the fixture, you get the completeheight of the floor gully screen. 

Using an extra ring the fixture heightens another 15mm.