Pipe casing

  • For re- and new construction
  • Simple mounting
  • Pre-painted
  • Can be manufactured telescopicly
  • Dimensioned system for pipe casing of vertically and horizontally pipes of repair, alteration and extension.


The casing is manufactured of galvanized and surface finished steel, 1mm thick alt. 0,6mm. It is fastened with plastic profiles, glued against the wall. Suitable glue can be delivered. The standard colour white can be overpainted in other colours. Joining and fitting against wall/ceiling is done with overlapping sweeps, which makes wiggling in easier and reduces the need of cutting. Cutting is easiest done with a brick chaser.

When mounting against ceiling a fastening rail of steel is used. Both types of rails are  constructed so that unevenesses in the underlay is hidden by the rail. When inspecting and repairing, the pipe casing can easily be dismantled without any tools.
Special inspection hatches is therefore not needed!

The pipe casing is delivered with a protection film, which is removed before mounting.