Pipe collar

Makes it possible to connect the main pipe to mounted-in drain pipes, without other indents or holing. Drainage systems can be fully prepared for connections, including the main pipes. The pipe´s position is fixed by nailing the collar to the mould board.


The pipe collar fits tightly round the pipe end at the same time as it serves as a cover.  In this way the outside and inside of the pipe is protected from the concrete. When connecting,  both sleeve couplings and quick-couplings can be used. It is not necessary to mend the hole caused by the pipe collar.

Pipe collars fit outer pipe diameters of 110mm and 75mm. Together with tube sleeves of 40mm
diameter, you can also lead cold-, hot- and circulation water pipes through the ceiling.

All within a space of 200x200mm!


A pipe collar seen from above in concret.